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The MD Esthetics Memberships

More Savings on All of Your Favorite Treatments


Enjoy great savings and membership discounts on a variety of treatments and products with the following monthly membership programs. These memberships are designed to offer all our patients with an affordable maintenance plan. Now is the time to invest in you!

Membership FAQ

Q. Are treatments or discounts transferrable?

A. No, only the member can redeem their MD Membership benefits.

Q. Can I freeze my membership?

A. Yes, For up to three months on medical grounds. A note from the overseeing provider must be provided to the practice. Members will be liable to pay an administration charge of $25 to suspend their membership per month.

Q. Is everyone a candidate for lasers?

A. If our physician or nurse feels risk is greater than benefit prior to treatment, treatment in that area will be denied I.E. recent sun exposure, site still in healing phase, new medications, contra indications, etc.

Q. Can I mix and match laser types?

A. Yes. I.E. (1) laser hair + (1) IPL vs (2) laser hair sites. Please note, for best results it is suggested you complete 1 full laser treatment series before moving onto another.

Q. Can I cancel membership early?

A. As stated in the agreement, the membership period is for a term of 12 months. Should you choose to terminate the contract before the expiration date, there is an early termination fee of $750.00 that will be charged to the card on file.

If you are unable to utilize the membership due to (a) death (b) disability (c) illness (d) injury (e) a change in residence that is more than 25 miles from MD Esthetics, LLC (f) your being called to active duty by the United States Military and deployed outside of the state of the practice location, please refer to the terms of the contract to understand the contract termination process.

Q. What is the no show / cancellation policy?

A. If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance.. If an appointment is missed or not cancelled within that time frame, you will be unable to rebook that treatment for 30 days, or forgo the membership discount associated with the appointment for 30 days.

Q. What if the MD Esthetics schedule is unable to accommodate my appointment request?

A. Appointments are on a first come, first serve basis. We will work to accommodate all our patients within normal business hours.

Q. Are there any discounts on packages?

A. If the package of 4+ is paid in full on full priced services, a 10% discount will be applied.

Q. Can I combine promotions with my membership pricing?

A. Members can take advantage of Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire promotions only, when booking under the membership.

Q. How does billing work?

A. All members will be automatically charged on the agreed upon day of the month through our secure billing system.

Q. Can I use a gift card to pay for my membership fee?

A. Gift cards can only be used on full priced services and products.

Q. Can I pay with CareCredit?

A. CareCredit may be used when paying for qualifying treatments.