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Revitalize Your Skin’s Collagen Production

Sculptra is an injectable made with poly-L-lactic acid (PLL) technology that is used to help rebuild collagen and smooth out and restore volume to facial regions. Collagen is a naturally occurring substance that helps build skin elasticity, and most patients see results after six months of the first treatment. Patients need an average of three Sculptra sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

What to Expect:

During your Sculptra consultation, your medical provider will create a custom treatment plan that will help you achieve the best results given your age, environmental factors and condition of your skin and facial volume. A rule of thumb for the total number of Sculptra vials needed is the number of decades of your age – IE: 60 years = 6 vials. The results of this treatment have been proven to last for up to two years.

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